What Is It Investment Trader? Definition, Types and Advantages
What Is It Investment Trader? Definition, Types and Advantages

What Is It Investment Trader? Definition, Types and Advantages

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realmillivanilli.com– In an investment instrument stock, not only the Investors that the pursuit of profit and create a strategy that fits to earn profit investment as much as possible.

There is one more figure of the important thing that makes stock investing more interesting and of course help a lot of investors to get more advantages from playing the stock

The figure is a Trader. For those who are often struggling with things that smell investment is definitely no stranger dong with the figure of this one. Just like the tittle of the Investor, the Trader is one of the professions that are the current trend. New traders are more and more popping up thanks to advances in technology that support it.

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Understanding the Trader in the Investment

The Trader is designation for those who buy and sell any investment instruments or trading in a wide variety of investment instruments. The trading principle here is to buy when the price is down, and sell it when the price increases.

The objective of trading is to pursue maximum profits in a short time with strategy and analysis to avoid loss when doing trading activities. In investing, if the investor focuses on the fundamentals of product to be purchased, then the Trader will focus on sentiment and market conditions.

So, a Trader is not a person who is too concerned with the performance of the company shares to be purchased, but more to the direction of the market sentiment towards the company is positive, then he will buy shares for as soon as possible resale.

That’s because, compared with investors, transactions a trader of short-term with a far greater frequency.

Traders who are already highly proficient can get into all kinds of market, market forex, stocks, commodities or futures. George Soros, the founder of the Quantum Fund, is an example of one of a trader world class managed to be a successful Trader.

Type-the Type of Trading Investments at the moment

Trader in both the stock has indeed been widely known, but did you know it turns out that the profession of the Trader’s own turns there are in almost as many other types of investment. Here are the types of investment Trader that exist today:

  1. Forex Trading

In forex, trading is the trading of foreign currency by utilizing the currency rates rise and fall in a certain period of time. However, the way it works is different with the exchange of money at the money changer.

figure short forex can be done online with the deposit some money first. Almost the same as short term trading stock, but the object of merchantability isn’t a stock of the issuer, but rather the foreign currency.

Which will be something like this, for example, buying US dollar currency worth US$10 at the time of the price is Rp14.000 in the morning. Later in the afternoon the price of the dollar against the rupiah rose to Rp14.100. So, we can get the difference in profit Of 100 for each sheet of dollar for sale.

  1. Trading stock

Stock Trading is buying and selling stocks in the short term. Both offline and online through the stock app. The workings of trading stocks very simple. That is to buy stocks when down, then sell it back when riding.

By doing so, the stock Trader can earn a capital gain or profit from the sale of shares when the price rises. This method is not much different from the simple trading system other.

Example, you buy a chili worth 40 thousand on Monday. The next day you sell back the chilies when the price rose to Rp60 thousand. That is, there is a profit (margin) amounted to Rp20 thousand.

  1. Trading Binary

Binary Option or in Indonesian known as binary options is one of the forms of instruments for online trading in which traders predict or guess the price of an asset it up or down in a certain period of time.

System trading short term binary is generally applied on the transaction gambling horse racing and gambling ball but binary trading is not gambling, just the system alone are widely applied to many types of gambling.

The way it works is that where we are risking the money to install a specific target in the binary system. If the target is met, we will get double profit. On the contrary, if it does not reach the target, the money drift.

  1. Gold Trading

Gold Trading/gold Trading is the trading of gold online in the forex market without involving the transfer of assets physical gold. This is one of the alternative ways to take advantage of the movement of the rising and falling of the price of gold.

The concept of on Gold Trading is actually similar to forex trading, where the role of gold as a currency in the forex market to be traded with the symbol XAU.

Normally gold is paired with the currency of the U.S. Dollar in the form of a pair XAU/USD, because the price of the dollar can be influenced by several factors such as inflation, central bank monetary policy, and economy of the United States.

So, when the U.S. Dollar is expected to decline, then most investors will take the position of a buy XAU/USD, means a buy XAU and sell USD.

  1. Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoin Trading is one way to get the advantage of one of the crypto currency is. The concept of bitcoin trading is a profit from the difference between the selling price with the purchase price. Buy at lower price and sell at a higher price.

The objects in short-term trading is Bitcoin itself which can be purchased with currency, the rupiah began to Rp1.500 to get of 0.00001 bitcoin. To see the potential of bitcoin today can be said, the possibility of gains ranging from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars can be very large.

The Advantage Of Being A Trader Investment

Just like investing, Trader has his own way to get the advantage. Well for those who are interested in trying the professions of the present, which is this one here are some advantages that can be obtained by becoming a trader:

  1. Get A Followup Despite Limited Capital

You can be a Trader but while the capital you is limited. For example, in forex trading there is a system of margin and leverage, where the existence of this system allows the broker to lend a certain amount of funds in proportion to the guarantee fund of the trader.

So, although modalmu limited, you can start trading thanks to such a system. And because it resembles the activity of trade, the trading is suitable for you who want to get extra income from capital limited with the time span is short.

  1. Can be Done from Anywhere

Because the progress of internet technology at this time and have many differe trading for smartphones makes trading activities easier and flexible. Only armed with gadgets such as laptop, tablet or phone and an internet connection you can trade both at home, café, office even in the MRT.

  1. There are Features of Auto Trading makes it Easy Trading

In the application of online trading, Auto Trading, help you buy and sell according to the command that is automatically applied. So you no longer need to bother to monitor the movement of the price of the trading instrument from time to time. Simply plug the buy and sell price of the appropriate trading plan and let you feature to work automatically.

  1. Low cost

Because of all the already-paced online makes trading activities are not only flexible but also don’t cost that much. In addition, As a trader, you have direct control to do the buy and sell transactions.

So you no longer need to spend the cost of the services of a broker. Fees charged securities are also relatively lower compared to perform transactions with the services of a broker.

  1. It Could Be A Job Moonlighting

If you haven’t intend to make a Trader as a full time job you can do trading as a side job. You can simply make use of your spare time productively by working part-time trader.

Just calm down, the forex market and commodity it is active for 24 hours. So, you just simply set the time between working in the office and do the trading.

  1. A source of Additional Income Fashioned Cuan

If you already understand the ins and outs of trading, you could easily get the money in a short time to become a Trader. Make sure you have studied and understand the detail of each instrument and select which should fit with the conditions of finansialmu current to avoid the risk that large.

To understand Well because Remember All there is Risk!

Better to be an investor or a trader, the risk in an investment instrument can not be avoided. There is nothing we can do to eliminate the risk on the investment instrument except minimise it.

And the most effective way to minimize risk is to better understand investment instruments that are selected. Continue to learn, ask questions and try to earn a profit that is greater.

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