Want to Sell Rexadana? It's the Most Perfect Time
Want to Sell Rexadana? It's the Most Perfect Time

Want to Sell Rexadana? It’s the Most Perfect Time

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When a picket needs cash right away, but here it isil emergency funds or savings, one solution is to attract investment funds. This can be done to avoid debt. This is where the importance of investment in cashable instruments is. Apart from gold and deposits, rexadana is easy to sell again when it urgently needs fresh funds.

Rexadana is an investment instrument that can withdrawn its funds or sold at any time. There is no fine or penalty. However, it’s not the origin of selling rensadana.

The Most Appropriate Time to Sell Rexadana

Need both consideration and strategy so that it’s up to date rexadana at the right time. Here’s a great time selling rexadana:

1. Management of change in rexadana

Rexadana is an investment instrument, in its fund management is entrusted to Investment Managers (MIs) who have already obtained permission from the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Before starting your rexadana investment, you will definitely read the prospectus of rexadana and fund fact sheet. A rexadana prospectus is detailed information about a rexadana product. Whereas fund fact sheet is report monthly containing performance of rexadana products. These two documents convince you to invest in a repeat product. But it turned out that there was a change in midway through.

For example, a stock repository whose investment is deposited fix on stocks. Previously, fund management by investment managers was allocated to consumer goods stocks. But looking at the development of the current situation and economic conditions, commodity prices are starting to rise, so investment managers will shift their management to commodity stocks. When such changes are in accordance with what you are want, stock rexadana investment could continue by adding funds or top up investment. But if that’s not what’s expected, you can make up your mind sell the rexadana.

2. Continuous performance of rexadana avalanche

Noticed performance repeatability of your choice no bellish results. In fact it is seen to drop steadily over time, so eroded capital is exhausted due to suffering losses. When rexadana performance has no prospect of an increase, even after you do the analysis, it can be a consideration to sell it. No need to hold out and save money for products that don’t make a profit.

Next, put money proceeds of sales reksadana to other potential cuan-giving products. Because one makes investments with the aim of developing or multiplying money, not replying to prolonged losses.

3. Switching to other investment instruments

You chose rexadana because this investment is premature safe. But as time goes by, you learn about investment instruments other than rexadana. The guts are even braver because they want to enjoy a bigger profit. The result, wanting to move to another heart. Investment in other instruments.

However, due to capital constraints, there is no anggarun for diversification of investment. The only way you can do that is to sell the repository and divert it to the instrument you want in hopes of achieving that goal.


If you want to quickly sell or cash in a rebateā€¦a most appropriate time is on weekdays before 1 p.m. WIB. This is already a Financial Services Authority (OJK) provision. If an investor sells a reputation before 13.00 WIB, it will be processed on the same day. But if the transaction is made after 1:00 p.m., it will be processed the next day. After order sales transaction process, your money doesn’t go directly into the account. It takes time to transfer. The payment of funds resulting from the sale by the Investment Manager must be made immediately. No later than 7 business days of stock exchange since tranwitness sales were successful (excluding holidays, Saturdays and Sundays).

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