Want Business with Office Friends? Try These 5 Business Ideas
Want Business with Office Friends? Try These 5 Business Ideas

Want Business with Office Friends? Try These 5 Business Ideas

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Basically everyone wants tam’s incomematerials, including office employees. Having an additional income certainly makes one financially relieved because the total income is not a single source.

Speaking of additional income, so it’s biaseds is the most appropriate way done. If you do not want to open a business on your own, there is nothing wrong with inviting office friends to work together to build a business.

Business Ideas With Office Friends

Here’s a business idea you could try with a friend seoffice:

Food business

The food business is a business that will never exist his death. Anyone needs food, but the food sold here is not a heavy meal but a snack. Snacks are guaranteed to sell hard among office workers. When work piles up, for example, then that which is sought after first time was snack as snack.

It is best to specify the respective tasks, starting from nothing who will look for suppliers, shop, and cook. Don’t forget to bring the product tester first before selling it. If they’re on the like, you can sell right away the next day.

Business around hobbies

At having a hobby, right? If his hobby is around photography, You and an office friend could try to be a photographer. One is in charge of photographing, while the other is as an object.

Create a portfolio of viewable photographic results another. If they like the results, there will surely be an offer for photographing. Either it’s for pre wedding, birthday event, or pregnancy.

Online shop

Online business becomes one of m child’s favorite businesses of today. How not, the business is quite flexible. Whenever and wherever it can be done, even in the wake of work break hours you can monitorize the order.

If you can’t manage the business alone, You invite a friend in the office to join. Create an individual task share. Start from who records the stock of goods, contacts suppliers, serves buyers, and manages online shop accounts.

Become a youtuber

If you like talking in front of the camera and happen to be Meeting office friends who like to do the same, why don’t you just try being a youtuber? Here you can create a shared channel to share with the audience.

Channel content can be diverse, can be around beauty, lifestyle, fashion, or tips around the world of work. Anything can be used as a topic for Youtube channels, which surely the content of the content should be weighty.

Note the video capture, lighting, and c anglesfig the transmission of information. Also choose common words, which are easier to digest for viewers to actually get science after watching your videos.

Become a financial advisor

If you happen to work in finance or his good understanding of finance, could try this business with a seoffice friend. It must be really nice because here you are going to be a lot of tips around finance.

Start with tips on saving, investing right, and tips on managing finances for a fitting income. There are many interesting financial topics to talk about.

You and your friends can create a social account special media to share these financial tips. Manage accounts well and try more discipline creating content. If the account followers are already numerous, there must be an endorse offer.


Given that business is closely related to money, it is best to choose the right business partner. In an honest sense, it’s hard-working, and it can work professionally so that business goes smoothly. Don’t forget to communicate everything in a matter-of-fact manner, good at resolving problems as well as take a decision.

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