Life Is Hard Buddy! Here's a Save Tips for Rantau Students
Life Is Hard Buddy! Here's a Save Tips for Rantau Students

Life Is Hard Buddy! Here’s a Save Tips for Rantau Students

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Continu education to college benches became a bany optionI’m a young man, maybe you’re one of them. They willingly left home to pursue science in another city. Most of them chose college at favorite places, despite having to live separately from family. It is not a scourge as long as you prepare well from the beginning.

Merchant and college in another city, you will learn life maSelf. Taking care of all needs on your own with remittance from parents or while working for extra pocket money and paying tuition. So student monitoring is not easy. You need to be able to live a frugal life in order for enough money to finance daily necessities, including college affairs. It doesn’t run out of money in the middle of the month because of its wasteful attitude.

Tips Save on Rantau Students

Here’s a frugal way of living for rantau students:

1. Kos in the middle of campus

Transportation costs become one you need to market it during college, because it could be that this expenditure will cost money instead. Find a boarding house that is located around campus.

So, there is no need to ride bus to get to to college. Just walk away, so it’s economical. Choose a boarding house whose rent is not too expensive, which is importantly convenient and can sustain your activities as a student.

2. Make a list of expenditures

Even though college students don’t have their own salary, there’s no mistake yes make a list of expenses every week or every month. Record the needs to be financed, such as eating, drinking, renting a boarding house, paying bills, tuition, photocopying, and others.

Give priority to need rather than desire. You also need to divert Pay for the emergency fund, because you’re far from family. If you suddenly fall ill, you have the funds for treatment.

Don’t always call your parents, ask for a remittance for go to a clinic or hospital. At least a little bit relieves the burden on your parents, especially if your parents’ income is in good shape.

3. Limit hanging out at cafes

Young people usually have a hobby once hanging out. Going home from college, chores at cafes, play to movie malls, go to salons, until go on vacation. Do you know that those activities will cost money? Let alone jump on the bandwagon of a friend’s hedon lifestyle. Fear of being ostracized if not joining them.

This is what often makes students boncos, kere, not evenyes money. Even if you manage finances well, you can save money for venture capital.

4. Cook by yourself on the kos

When you’re looking for a boarding house, make sure to choose a boarding house kitchen together so you can cook your own. Cooking your own food can save you considerable expenditure. If one meal is IDR 20 thousand, three meals a day IDR 60 thousand. A month means Rp 1.8 million. By cooking yourself, you can save half of it.

But when you’re busy, there’s a lot of college work, you can do food outside. But don’t do it often. Let’s not boncos. Or buy the laundromat for three meals, while the rice cooks itself.

5. Wash your clothes yourself

Cheap rentals usually have no laundri facilities. That means, you have to do your own laundry.

Yet avoid being tempted to do laundry at the laundri. If a week, you wash clothes once at the laundri reaching IDR 20 thousand, then the total is IDR 80 thousand per month.

When washing yourself at home, it’s more irritable. Not until mengh finish two packs of washing soap. It’s cheaper right?

6. So freelancer

Being independent can’t just take care of yourself. But also be able to finance the necessities of one’s own life in a monitoring city. College students have a lot of free time. Long term off can be up to a full month. Take advantage of it to find income or income by becoming a freelancer, such as a photographer, content writer, online ojek, online sales, salesperson, and others. Such work can be a stepping stone for you. That way, you will be better prepared when you enter the real world of work after college.


If you’re going to be looking forward to going to college soon, just right. Let’s see how you prepare things well. Start setting up and getting used to managing finances intelligently from now on. This will enable you to live independently and economically during your later college years.

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