Investment for the Elderly Who Want to Have Inheritance Savings for Children and Grandchildren
Investment for the Elderly Who Want to Have Inheritance Savings for Children and Grandchildren

Investment for the Elderly Who Want to Have Inheritance Savings for Children and Grandchildren

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As the twilight approaches, there must be many of you who are already beginning to how to save money for the future of children and grandchildren, aka inheritance or other interests in the next few years.

As already known, at the age of twilight not many activities can carried out including activities to make money or lick assets. The factors can be due to a body that is not as capable of activity as it used to be and limited options that can be worked safely and comfortably for the elderly.

Investment for the Elderly

Here are the types of investments that are suitable for parents who already have a memory elderly age (continued age:


Deposits are already a common option to deposit money with various warrants of term and interest. Different banks are different also the magnitude of interest. But for the time period itself varies. There are only monthly counts. There can be tens of years. All depends on the needs of you.

In addition, you could also have more than one good deposit from bank is equal or different. For those of you who want to have a deposit. Now online deposit options are also starting to offer a range of benefits in itself and certainly easy is also practical.


As one of the oldest investment instruments, many people are still consider gold the safest and lowest risk investment. And that supposition is true indeed. With all kinds of investments already in place today, gold or precious metals investments still remain relevant and favourable it was a lot of people until now. This means, utilizing gold as an investment in the old days is also the right decision. Be it antam /bright gold or jewelry gold.

Link Unit Life Insurance

Link unit insurance products have 2 benefits at once, which is protection and investment in one policy. With this, you as a customer because there is no need to spend taking care of investment funds and protection funds separately.

Enough with this one insurance product, you could have life insurance that can be claimed and the funds can be given to children or grandchildren, as well as investment funds that can be claimed at any time and can also be claimed by heirs.


Rexadana is a collection of funds managed to make investment buy stocks, bonds and other financial instruments. It’s quiet that all of Rexadana activities have been monitored by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) so that you don’t have to worry about choosing rexadana investment.

In addition to being safe, the mutual fund is also suitable for you to invest capital is minimal and wants low-risk investments.


Investing wisely is investing with cold money, aka money yes has indeed been devoted to investing that is the rest of the money after the cost for everyday has been posted. Don’t let your investment make it difficult to live alone.

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