How To Choose The Best Web Hosting
How To Choose The Best Web Hosting

How To Choose The Best Web Hosting

Posted on How To Choose The Best Web Hosting -Before discussing how to choose the best web hosting for our website, it’s good I’ll explain a little what is hosting?

Understanding Hosting

Hosting is a place to store the data in the form of text, picture or video which will be packaged in a form that is referred to as the website.

If our analogy, hosting likened to a plot that is a piece of land that dipetak-map of a certain size to be used as a place to erect the building. Or arguably, the hosting is the house for a website on the internet. So we have to be smart to choose a hosting where the fitting is to be used as a house of our website.

How to choose a good hosting, first of all we must know in advance the needs of the website that we will wake up. Maybe sometimes it is difficult to know the needs of our own website. So my advice is focus on what the priorities of our website.

To help out friends, the list of questions below may be used as a basic reference before choosing a web hosting.

  • What Platform we will use to create a website? for example, there are wordpress, joomla, drupal and others.
  • The content is what will fill our website? whether more will be content in the form of video, content, images or animations, for instance.
  • Origin traffic to your website, that is where the visitors to our website to come?
  • The frequency of data backup, i.e. how often do we make and requires backup data.
  • What are the additional services that we need? for example, email hosting.
  • Customer service.

Point to the question above can be used as a reference for us before choosing and buying a web hosting. After we already know what needs we want, now further on the complete guide to choose the best web hosting.
A Guide To Choose The Best Web Hosting

The Quality Of The Performance Of The Server

The performance of the server is a service that is very important to note, not until the success of the us in internet tehambat just because the website that are difficult to access.

There are many parameters that need to be considered, for example, is the location of the server. No server location is better than the state where the prospective customers are, if we want to create a website with prospective customers in Indonesia. Will be very good if we choose the location of the server is also located in Indonesia.

In addition, we need to pay attention also to the specification of the server located in the data center hosting service provider. This specification covers the technology of the server, the speed of the processor (the processor type and how many cores are used), the capacity of RAM, hard disk (if using SSD or not), and network speed (the higher the better speed access).

To get the information server specifications, can be found at the website web hosting service concerned or can be asked in customer support.

Customer Support 24 Hours

I highly recommend friends to use a hosting service that has a team of customer support quality.

Ideally a team of customer support service hosting should be available 24 hours. This means that they are always ready whenever we are in need of technical assistance. Not only ready, they also must be able to resolve our problems with either.

Then, note also through what ways we can contact them. A good service will definitely provide many ways of communication to us, such as email, live chat or phone call.

There are many hosting services available out there, but not all hosting services have a team of cutomer support better. If we find a good service, then do not hesitate to use their services.

Affordable price and Quality

When choosing a web hosting service that is quality, make sure we get the best prices. The price we pay is ideally matched with the package and service that we use.

We can compare the details of the product specification and the package type between the hosting service following a price. Of course, this comparison is apple to apple. High price Level usually offer this type of package as well as better performance.

I suggest that we really pay attention to the services that we use. Make sure we get affordable price, but still get the best hosting service.

Hosting Features

Additional features hosting can push the performance of our website to the maximum. Therefore, we must pay attention to the features offered by the hosting service provider. The most main of the hosting features according to me is about speed and security. For more information, tenttu we can inquire directly on the support team of the company hosting provider concerned.

Customer Review

Before deciding what services we want to use, we should also consider the opinions of others. In this case, we need to look at the reviews of other customers. There are many sources that we can traced, ranging from blogs to forums, to get their reviews about a hosting service.

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