Here's How to Start a Culinary Business All You Can Eat for Beginners
Here's How to Start a Culinary Business All You Can Eat for Beginners

Here’s How to Start a Culinary Business All You Can Eat for Beginners

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All you can eat (AYCE) food business is becoming increasingly popular with ear with the growing popularity of Korean dramas in Indonesia. The direct meat cooking culture placed with various side dish options such as in Korean dramas is making the proliferation of AYCE restaurants in many places.

If previously AYCE restaurants were only in large malls or in Elite location at a great price, now you can find AYCE. Many places at a very affordable price even sometimes with a better taste of food.

Tips to Start AYCE’s Culinary Business Properly

So how, already interested in tasting AYCE culinary business This? If so, before starting to read these tips first, let AYCE’s business be more successful and smooth:

1. Find a Strategic Location

Whatever the business is, location is one of the biggest determinants of the of a business including AYCE’s business. For AYCE’s business, try your best by finding a location that’s really on the side of the road.

Try to find the location adjacent to the office area or campus. Or it can also be an area that is frequented by hung out or that is already known as a place for culinary tours.

2. Select the Right AYCE Menu with Vibe from the Selected Location

If the location already has many fast food restaurants or another AYCE restaurant. You can still use AYCE’s business concept but with a different menu. For example, if there are already many fast food restaurants with heavy food categories, you can choose the AYCE menu for dessert such as AYCE ice cream or yogurt, it can also be mini cake or snack local.

In addition, you can also specify the AYCE menu based on AYCE’s pre-existing restaurant in the location where you will open a business. If the AYCE restaurant has a meat menu, you can choose the AYCE sushi or ramen menu.

3. Offering a Variety of Attractive Price Packs

One of the interesting things that can attract many customers is the presence of attractive package selection. For example the price package is only for AYCE grill or shabu-shabu or both. Well, let’s add more variety, you can add non-AYCE food price packages for people who don’t enjoy the concept of eating AYCE which is limited over time but still can feel the atmosphere.

For example, package grill and shabu 1-2 people or 3-4 people where you offer how much and what kind of meat for the package along with the toppings and drinks. With this, customers become more comfortable in choosing what kind of food package suits them.

4. Select Side Dish Menu of Interest

The main interest of AYCE restaurant is not just in its main menu only. But also the diversity of side dish or side dish menus it has. Usually for AYCE restaurants with the concept of grill and shabu in addition to having various kinds of meat, they also have several side menus such as rice, fish meatballs, shrimp meatballs, crab sticks, noodles, assorted vegetables, fry until kimchi.

5. Prepare Take Away, Delivery and Ready-to-Cook Menu Package

Starting a business means having to be ready with various changes and having to adapts to various changes and existing trends. For example, in pandemic seasons like this makes people choose more home-cooked meals.

Based on the situation, it means you should already be able to prepare strategies to cope with it to keep businesses running smoothly, one of which is by innovating with food menus. If it used to only provide AYCE menus, try to make a menu for take away, deliver even frozen to be able to cook by customers at home by themselves.


Not everyone can build a good business if the tail is just a lot of capital without mature planning, because it is tantamount to wasting money without a clear goal. Well, let that not happen, no matter how small the scale of the business is going to start, mature enrichment is a must-do thing for every businessman. In order for planning to get better don’t forget to search a lot for business-related information that businesses want to meet in order to have a satisfactory and long-lived profit.

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