Going to the Holy Land at a Young Age Is Not a Dream, Here Are the Tips
Going to the Holy Land at a Young Age Is Not a Dream, Here Are the Tips

Going to the Holy Land at a Young Age Is Not a Dream, Here Are the Tips

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Saudi Arabian government opens access to umrah worship for jemaah Indonesia. A good news that the Muslims of the Fatherland have been waiting for since the Covid-19 virus hit. Furthermore, even in the Sacred Mosque there are now no rules for keeping distance. That is, worship is allowed to be full capacity. Any more inns there? Going to the Holy Land for umrah and hajj is the wish of Muslims. Especially if it departs at a young age. The body is still fresh in shape, so it can observe worship devoutly.

Who says 20 years old to 30 years old can’t leaving for the Holy City of Mecca? When intention is coupled with effort, nothing is impossible. This effort or summary is all sorts of forms. One of them is saving, controlling spending to realize dreams to the Holy Land.

Tips On Being To Go To Holy Land

Here are tips for those of you who want to go Hajj or Umrah ke Holy Land at a young age:

1. Open a special savings account

The first step you can reach out to the desire to study or umrah is opening up special savings in the bank. For umrah, the estimated cost is at least Rp 20 million and there is no waiting period.

The regular hajj costs IDR 44.3 million (2021). Initial deposit Rp. 25 million with an average waiting period of 18 years. Meanwhile, the fare for hajj plus (ONH Plus) is around IDR 150 million to IDR 180 million. The length of the line is shorter than regular, which is five to seven years.

Initial deposit worth 4,000 US dollars or around Rp 56 juta (currency of Rp 14,000 per U.S. dollar). You can open special savings at a sharia bank that is already a partner of the Ministry of Religion. The purpose is to prevent funds in savings from being withdrawn as a whole for other purposes.

2. Discipline of setting aside money

Already have a special savings account, meaning you should fillin’ aside money. From the sum of the above costs, you can calculate the nominal amount of money to be deposited. For example, your current age is 25 years old paying Rp. 5 million. Want umrah at a cost of around Rp 26 million at the age of 29 year (four-year target). Then you need to save Rp. 542,000 every month. That equals 10 percent more than your salary.

Meanwhile, if you want a special hajj. Put the hajj fee in kushus Rp 170 million (early Rp 56 million). With the same target time, you should set aside around Rp 1.17 million per month. It was only collected to pay for the initial deposit of the hajj.

Even then you can’t go straight to the Holy Land. Have to wait five to seven years, which means your age is 34 to 36. While waiting for the special hajj line, you get continued saving to pay off the remaining Rp 114 million cost. The allocation of savings to pursue the remaining costs is around Rp 1.36 million to 1.9 million.

3. Find additional income

If the target of saving is a burden on the monthly finances due to the gaji pas, don’t give up right away. Find sense to increase earnings.

Finding a side job as a source of additional costs umrah or hajj, like being a freelancer, online sales, etc.

Use free time or do this work after all work. Gratitude for this additional income you may allocate fully to that purpose. So that hajj or umrah savings do not take up another portion of the need.

4. Investment in order to more quickly raise funds

In addition to saving, another alternative to quickly collect price hajj or umrah is by investment. For example to a stock reputation that has a high return, more than 16 percent a year.

If it relies only on savings, the interest rate is small. Moreover, saving money at a sharia bank, there is certainly no such thing as interest, but for the results. So, usury-free.

5. Diligently save gold

In addition to money, umrah or hajj savings are also can by saving gold. It can be physically priced at hundreds of thousands a gram, either precious metal, gold bars, or jewelry gold.

Now, however, there is a way of saving gold that is trending. Save gold online in both online shopping apps and Deduplication and Antam.

Saving gold online on an online shopping site or e-commerce site don’t have to buy a gram whose capital is big. Can save gold starting at Rp. 5,000 or Rp. 10,000.

Regular saving of gold to achieve dreams of leaving for Tanah Holy. In case the price of gold the next year or five years soar, you can cover the cost of umrah or hajj with these gold savings.


If have wishful thinking go to the Holy Land, then learn to control one’s lust. That is the lust for shopping. Buying something that isn’t very important or whose nature can be delayed, such as changing smartphones, daily boba drink snacks, hanging out at cafes, holidays at all times, or other consumptive activities that drain your money. It is not that it should not be, but it is restricted. Put the most important needs first, including focusing on your intention to go to Mecca. That way, you can raise money faster.

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