An easy way to get money from a forex trading business using robots
An easy way to get money from a forex trading business using robots

An easy way to get money from a forex trading business using robots

Posted on,- At present, Forex trading is a business trend that is claimed to be a money printing machine. Forex is Foreign Exchange or buying and selling for the movement of foreign exchange rates.

Forex is a combination of two words in English, namely foreign or foreign or foreign exchange meaningful exchanges.

Forex can be interpreted as an activity of foreign currency exchange or commonly called foreign exchange (forex). Forex trading activities are described as exchanging the rupiah with foreign currencies at Money Changer.

Because forex trading is a sale and purchase activity, it has a profit or loss, commonly known as profit and loss.

Forex trading is certainly done online, using the software system (software) made by the service provider company. At present, many companies have provided a forex trading business service system.

Forex trading activities can also be done with two events, namely manual and automatic. A trader who uses a manual method must have a lot of time to do selling and purchase activities.

Whereas in an automatic way, a person is enough to monitor and just make a withdrawal of benefits from the buying and selling activities carried out by the system or called robots.

A community called Auto Sultan engaged in the FOREX trading business invites the public to be able to get money by running the business that is run automatically, using the robot system he is wearing.

The robot system is called NET89, which has been designed to run forex buying and selling transactions automatically. The robot is claimed to have been tested since 2018 runs forex trading successfully.

“Target of Profit Robot Trading Transactions 1 Percent per day, transactions every Monday to Friday with a maximum loss per day are only 5 percent. If more than that, the company will provide a warranty of the difference. If there is a loss as much as 2x open positions, the robot will stop trading that day automatically, “said the Auto Sultan member investor, Chichi Richi.

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