A Complete guide Web Hosting 2021 You Should Know
A Complete guide Web Hosting 2021 You Should Know

A Complete guide Web Hosting 2021 You Should Know

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Realmillivanilli.com A Complete guide Web Hosting 2021 You Should Know – Web Hosting is one of the most important things in making a website. Never hear the words web hosting before? Web hosting or so-called hosting is quite popular on the internet. Try to search in Google with the keyword “hosting” it would appear some of the service provider domain hosting, best web hosting, cheap web hosting, and so on.

Then what is web hosting ? Why web hosting is very important in making a website? What are the different domain and hosting? Where should I buy hosting murah berkualitas? Rather than a lot of questions, I’d rather you read the full guide web hosting here. Really suitable for beginners who for the first time to build a website.

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting ? Web Hosting is the location/media for storing data in the form of text, images or videos. Quoted from Wikipedia, Web hosting is a service for the user that is useful for storing information, images, videos and some other content to be accessed via the website. Web hosting is provided by a provider of hosting services.

There are several types of hosting services, namely Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Colocation Servers. Normally for a standard website, just use Shared Hosting. While the website with the needs of the high is to use a VPS or Dedicated Hosting. Hosting your own shape is the same as the server computer in general. The difference is, the best hosting features technologies and connected with high-speed internet.

What is the Difference Domain and Hosting?

Then what is the difference between domain and hosting? Really different! What is web hosting? Web Hosting is a place to store your website’s files, while the domain is the address of where the files the website. More easy this way, the website is considered as a building.

The building will be erected on the plot of land that already criss-crossed with a certain size. Well, a patch of land that can be called a Web Hosting or often called Hosting. Then what is a domain? The Domain is the address of the building (the website).

The Domain will lead visitors to head to the patch of land (hosting), who had already established a building (website). If hosting a server with the best technology, while the domain usually in the form of a domain name and the extension. For example websitesaya .com, websitesaya.id and so on.

“Websitesaya” here is the name of the domain while .COM, .The ID is a domain extension. Want to know the illustrations to make it more clear? Please read What it’s Domain Hosting.

Why You Should Have Web Hosting?

Once you know what is web hosting, now is the time you have your own hosting. Yes! You have to have a web hosting! Why? Because the website can not be built without hosting and domain. So if you want to have a website, make sure you know what is web hosting and buy a domain and hosting. Without those two things, the website of your dreams may not come true.

There are a variety of website that you can make, such as personal websites, school websites, company website, the information system to the online store. In addition with domain hosting, you can create a website to be more professional! For example, there are 2 website. First Website, which tokobajumurahaja .blogspot .com.

The Website of the second, namely tokobajumurah .net. If you as the website visitors, which one would you choose? Of course a website that second, isn’t it? With additional hosting and domain extensions .COM then your website more professional look. What if already already using *.blogspot? Just calm down! You can do a custom domain to blogger.

When To Buy Web Hosting?

Okay, now you understand what is web hosting. Well, certainly you have to buy a web hosting when you want to create a website! In addition, you must buy a web hosting if you want to change the blog *.blogspot and *.wordpress website become more professional. Actually the function of hosting very much.

You can save the file in the form of image, video or scipt website hosting. Although hosting is a patch of land, but you can select the capacity of the hosting as well. There are a variety of hosting capacity ranging from 300 MB to 48 GB. Want to have 5 different websites in 1 hosting? Of course you can! Want to have the email with your own domain name so more profesionnal? Can too! Please read how to create an email with your own domain.

How To Choose A Web Hosting Murah Berkualitas?

How to choose website hosting is cheap and also quality is indeed tricky. Many of the service provider domain hosting cheap but the quality is crappy. There are others who prefer hosting abroad rather than hosting indonesia because of the fear of the website error suddenly. There are tips and tricks on how to choose cheap hosting with best quality,

See the Technology Used

By now you already know what it is website hosting. The best Hosting will provide the latest technology for all its services. Make sure don’t be fooled by the cheap prices but the quality is cheap. Try to check how the server technology used? How to specifications hosting? How technology used in the file storage? Does having unlimited bandwidth? How much capacity an email that can be made?

How is the security problem? Whether the support Node.js and PHP? How much warranty time server uptime? Are there any features of cloud backup? and so on. Want to know the tips for choosing a hosting? Please read How to Choose the Hosting For Beginners

No Clear Origins

Both in Indonesia and abroad, the service provider domain hosting is very much. So make sure you choose a service provider domain hosting are not abal-abal. For example, the price of hosting is pegged at the beginning of a very cheap but will have to pay an additional service again.

Or other cases, the customer only be fooled by the price of hosting is cheap but it turns out that the capacity and duration of the booking time is not appropriate. So, from now on, try to check the website to make the booking.

If the website official? Fair not at that price, the products are sold has nice specs? What’s the price list hosting, domain transfer, migration hosting and extend the hosting already described in the beginning? Make sure before you choose a cheap hosting, you first check the hosting features available. Usually, the best hosting will explain the features, facilities, technology and price in detail.

Review Customer

This is also one of the things that need to be considered. How to review a customer? If the service is satisfactory? Whether the response of the support team quickly? How the solutions to all the problems that exist? Whether the server is often down? How to respond if at any time the website could not be accessed? Don’t let the hosting provider you’re not responsible if an error occurs yes!

Full Support and Documentation

As a provider best web hosting services, you must have a support team that is ready on standby 24 hours to help the customer. Either via live chat, email, send a ticket, or other social media. In addition, the presence of a guide and documentation is also required.

This course will facilitate the customer in order to any setting associated with the domain hosting. For example, an extension hosting, managing website pages, how to web hosting, how migration hosting, how to move the hosting and the way that website safe from malware.

Price and Payment Method

Before buying, check the price of hosting and hosting a foreign destination. Don’t be fooled by the prices domain cheap hosting with exchange rate dollar/ euro! In fact, if dirupiahkan will be different and even more expensive. Preferably, choose a domain hosting with promo price.

A Complete guide Web Hosting 2021 You Should Know – Usually, there are often promo discount every month. The payment method used is also important to be seen. Make sure the service provider domain hosting provides a variety of payment methods such as wire transfer, cash, credit card, PayPal, or Virtual Account. What’s a Virtual Account? Please read to Know the Virtual Account.

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