7 How To Use Bitcoin A Beginner Must Know!
7 How To Use Bitcoin A Beginner Must Know!

7 How To Use Bitcoin A Beginner Must Know!

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realmillivanilli.com – The development of the bitcoin Indonesia in recent years has increased very rapidly. Many Indonesian people who are interested to play it.

Flocked looking for information on what is bitcoin? How to use bitcoin? To how to get it. Many Indonesian people who are interested to play Bitcoin as a beginners.

There are several ways to use bitcoin, the most common is how to use the app BTC funds or bitcoin core. BTC or Bitcoin Core is a full client of bitcoin and built as a backbone network, which has been equipped with high security, privacy, and stability. Therefore, many Indonesian people who use how to use bitcoin core.

Before further discussing how to use bitcoin core and so forth, it would be best to start sequentially by discussing what exactly is bitcoin itself.

So any understanding further we can understand easily, if you already know the explanation of bitcoin itself. Let’s, let’s just we refer to the explanation about bitcoin.

What Is Bitcoin?

Before knowing how to use bitcoin, as a beginner we certainly must know what it is bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency that was launched in January 2009, right after the collapse of the housing.

Bitcoin follows the ideas set out in a whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym that was intentionally made to keep the inventor of the original.

Bitcoin is also not published or endorsed by a bank or the government of any country. Even so, bitcoin tends to increase in a graph. Even up to the very popular, and trigger the launch of a variety of virtual currency and other digital collectively called Altcoin.

Hearken to the development of bitcoin very rapidly, and also see a lot of benefit from bitcoin, of course, makes us curious to try. Refer to the explanation of bitcoin has been summarized team Qoala in full here.

How To List Bitcoin

For those who want to try, first of all we have to register first. There are several ways to list of bitcoin that can be done, can be listened to in the following description.

  1. How to register Bitcoin in Bitcoin.co.id

The first way we can register on the website of bitcoin.co.id. This site was officially established in 2013 by PT. Bitcoin Indonesia. The credibility of this site is very good and secured, in addition to exchange cryptocurrency still be the most popular in Indonesia today. The following steps need to be done to register through bitcoin.co.id:

  • Open and sign in to your bitcoin.co.id
  • Then login and sign up
  • Open the email which we use for the list, and account activation
  • Then come back to the site and sign in by entering the PIN sent via SMS
  • Click submit and the content of the personal data
  • Click ‘photos of themselves’, then click ‘send data’
  • Wait for verification 1 x 24 hours
  • Registration is done successfully
  1. How to register Bitcoin in Luno

Luno is a wallet digital-shaped apps for iOS and Android. But it also serves to store bitcoin. Not only that, Luno also can be used to buy and sell bitcoin with rupiah. Here’s how to list bitcoin through Luno:

  • App Download Luno Bitcoin Wallet
  • Sign up, register, then click again to sign up
  • Open the email which we use for the list, and account activation
  • If already, sign in using your registered email
  • Then, verify the account and input the phone number, then ‘send code’
  • SMS received
  • Registration is done successfully
  1. How to register Bitcoin in Triv

How to register bitcoin last we can do is to use Triv. Same as Luno, Triv is a wallet digital which has been equipped with security features of the pci DSS and SSL. Triv also been equipped with a function for storing bitcoin, Payza, Paypal, Perfect Money and the work of internet-banking other. Check out the steps to sign up bitcoin through the Triv below:

  • Open and log in to the site Triv
  • Then, log in and sign up to sign up
  • Open the email which we use for the list, and account activation
  • Next verify the mobile number used, and click ‘Go’
  • Perdaftaran was completed

How To Use Bitcoin

After successful sign up, we can immediately play bitcoin. However, the question is, how do use bitcoin when we have them? Don’t worry, bitcoin can now be used to some benefit. Start of the transaction, invest up to charity and other.

Here’s how to use bitcoin to note, especially for those of us who are still beginners so they can wisely use bitcoin we have.

  1. Buy-Sell Transaction Bitcoin

How to use bitcoin the first is to buy bitcoin. However, to be able to do this, we need to register themselves first to the exchange or the stock exchange. Lucky once, in Indonesia has a lot of bitcoin exchanges available.

To be able to get the advantage in the conduct of buy-sell transactions of bitcoin, we need to carefully and thoroughly pay attention to the price of bitcoin is very volatile in value. Lumrahnya, we can buy bitcoin when its value is down, and sell it when the price is rising and high.

  1. Long-Term Investment

How to use bitcoin a wise also we can do for long-term investment. Along with the rapid increase in bitcoin price, many investors are starting to shift divert funds owned to the instrument bitcoin.

It is clear, because the offer significant advantages and also the transaction process is also the movement of the prices are transparent.

During the pandemic of Covid-19 on 2020 ago, recorded the price of bitcoin is increasing, and it continues to this day. Therefore, bitcoin is very potential to be used as a long term investment.

  1. Use it to Charity

We can also do how to use bitcoin, in addition to as an investment, it is also used for charity. Currently, there are several organizations that accept bitcoin for humanitarian action.

As humanitarian action in the Save the Children, The Water Project, Red Cross, Unicef and many other humanitarian organizations.

With the availability of humanitarian organizations that are accepting bitcoin for charity, it is increasingly attracting a lot of interest of people to play bitcoin itself. And of course, it would be very beneficial to humanity in this world.

  1. Buying Items Online

How to use bitcoin then can be used to buy goods online. Although in Indonesia, the use of bitcoin to buy stuff is still illegal.

However, some things can be bought online using bitcoin, such as buying games, movies and online application. Also shopping in the marketplace of international Amazon.

  1. Payment Of Subscription

Subscription is a way of online payment that is used for a variety of services, such as movies, music and other impressions. This time, we have been able to do a how to use bitcoin for payment of the subscription.

Online services such as VPN network, domain name registration and internet service providers have also been willing to accept payment using bitcoin. This further expand the functionality of the usefulness of bitcoin itself.

  1. Buy Giftcard

Already since a long time, the tradition of giving giftcard or gift cards done by the people of Indonesia. This time also we can buy gift cards and give to relatives or associates with using bitcoin.

Therefore, how to use a bitcoin of wisdom that we can do next is to purchase a giftcard. A lot of sites that have been willing to accept bitcoin as a means of payment, such as Egifter and Gyft.

  1. Buy Retail Products

If some how to use bitcoin on top feels very far and not so close to our daily needs, the use of bitcoin this one will make us more confident to play bitcoin.

Because, bitcoin can be used to buy some of the retail products. We can buy retail products in the online store such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Target for the purposes and needs of a day-to-day.

How to Use Bitcoin Wallet on Android

After reading the explanation above, as a beginner might ask, how can we get the bitcoin and uses bitcoin easy? The following will be described as to what how to use bitcoin, in particular how to use bitcoin on Android. Including how to get it by mining bitcoin using Android.

  1. App Bitcoin Wallet on Android

The first way in how to use the bitcoin we can do is to do a how to use bitcoin wallet on android. There are app Bitcoin Wallet in android, some apps that we can use as how to use the bitcoin wallet will be described below. We as a beginner, it is very mandatory listening carefully and thoroughly:

Trust Crypto Wallet

How to use bitcoin on android the first is to use the application Trust Crypto Wallet. This app offers transaction such as coins and tokens for the benefit of bitcoin and other. In addition, this app also has complete features, because it has been provides the exchange desentra.

Therefore, as a beginner we don’t need to worry about when to buy or sell an asset by using the application on this one. Because Trust Crypto Wallet very easy for any beginner who is still learning to play bitcoin.

Green: Bitcoin Wallet

Dompet bitcoin Indonesia next we can use is Green: Bitcoin Wallet. Available some features of this application that offer a number of payments to make investments in bitcoin. Not only that, this app is developed by GreenAddress IT Ltd. which is also a finance.

Therefore, we will not find difficulty in storing bitcoin using leather wallet bitcoin this one. Not only that, the digital wallet is also very light weight, the required capacity is also very small and very friendly for every android smartphone anywhere.

Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

The next application that we can use as a beginner is Electrum Bitcoin Wallet. An app developed by Electrum Technologies GmbH, which offers a finance bitcoin is currently popular.

There are 3 modes in this app, namely Electrum, History and Receive. Another advantage is we can use this application, either on the smartphone or on the PC or laptop.

Samourai Bitcoin Wallet

We can also do how to use bitcoin on android by using an application Samourai Bitcoin Wallet. This application has the advantage that it can easily increase the transactions that we do. This is due to the presence of PayNym in this app that can give you the security of transactions. In addition, this application is very easy to use, very suitable for use by those of us who are still beginners in the world of bitcoin.

App Bitcoin Wallet

The last application that we can use in the conduct of how to use the bitcoin wallet is an App Bitcoin Wallet. Application on this one was released by bitcoin.org. A lot of available interesting features in this application, one of which we can do the transaction using the QR-code and also the link for bitcoin. This app is also very secure, because it has been downloaded by more or less 5 million users, particularly users of bitcoin in Indonesia.

  1. Application Bitcoin Mining on Android

After learning application which is suitable and can help us in how to use bitcoin, then how to easy earn bitcoin in android. Here are several android apps that can be used in how to get bitcoin easily.

As a beginner, we can do how to mining bitcoin is easy with some of these apps. Let’s, let’s just check out his review below:


The first application named MinerGate. The bitcoin miner Indonesia are certainly not unfamiliar with this application, because it is very popular in PC. Current MinerGate also present in the form of bitcoin miner apk. Application MinerGate launched in 2014.

This application is a bitcoin miner android that allows users to mine a variety of bitcoin without lowering the hash level coins main.

The use of the app miner bitcoin is also very easy. We need only download the application and create an account, and then will be given two options, to do mining mobile or buy cloud mining.

Crypto Miner

The second application used by the bitcoin miner Indonesia. However, to use the app miner bitcoin this we have to spend a certain amount of money, around $2.28, because not all the algorithms of bitcoin in this app can be used for free.

Crypto Miner is a bitcoin app in Android that has the appearance and operation is simple and very easy to use for beginners. App crypto miner also provides flexibility to the us to determine the number of chain who want to participate in mining bitcoin.

AA Miner

Generally, the application of miner bitcoin has a lot of ads in it so as to make the performance of the smartphone becomes more severe.

The solution is, we can use app bitcoin miner Android this one. AA Miner is a bitcoin application that not a lot of ads in it, because in this application there are in-app purchase that can reduce the amount of iklah that appears.

NeonNeon Miner

The next application that we can use is NeonNoen Miner, there are some crypto currency that we can get to do mining use this app. Crypto-currencies are available among which are bitcoin, litecoin, feathercoin, vertcoin and others.

The way the app works is similar to a Crypto Miner, while the advantages of this application is to have a record of mining detail as well as the configuration script is very good.

Droid Miner

The last application that we can use as a beginner in mine bitcoin is to use the Droid Miner. We can get this app for free, not just bitcoin, we can also mine crypto currency using this app.

The idiosyncrasy of the Droid Miner situated in the absence of the ad that will greatly interfere with the activities we mine.

How To Use Bitcoin For Beginners

As a beginner, we certainly tempted after knowing the amount of money that can be obtained by playing bitcoin. And then instantly find out how how to play free bitcoin.

However, do not be hasty first, to understand in detail about the material discussed above. To understand better how to use bitcoin.

After that, learn also how to play bitcoin for beginners, what is the way bitcoin work for beginners, and what tips and tricks in how to play bitcoin.

Here are some important points for any beginners who want to play and use bitcoin. Let’s let’s let’s check out his review.

  1. Monitor Price Movement Of Bitcoin

The first thing that must be understood and carried out in the how to play crypto for beginners is to monitor the price movement of bitcoin. It is very important and also at the same time fundamental things that must be studied and well understood by us as players bitcoin beginners.

Because, in every second and every minute of it, the bitcoin price could change, and the changes that occur can be very drastic and very significant. However, of course we can’t monitor the movement of the price of bitcoin so of course, we need the help of some applications which support us to monitor the price of bitcoin itself.

  1. A must have application for

Have available some of the applications that we can use to monitor the price of bitcoin, some applications are available on Playstore and we can download. Here are some of the applications that must be owned for the bitcoin trader, especially a beginner and still in the learning phase bitcoin:

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a protective all of us from jahilnya the hackers that exist in the virtual world. We need and must stand guard in protecting our bitcoin. The application is very suitable to be used. An app developed by Google it has fitut that can allow us to make two passwords to increase security.

It can make the hackers trouble for breaking into our account, because the password that we have will change every 30 seconds automatically. And also, the security features of Google Authenticator also allows the password that we created arranged in a random, add a level of security and keep the hackers.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

The next application we need to have as a beginner in the world of bitcoin is app Bitcoin Ticker Widget. This application is an alarm app that will help us determine the movement of the bitcoin price. An very easy for us to monitor the movement of the price of bitcoin itself.

In addition, there are also features such as calculators, news and also the checker. However, as a beginner we need adjustments to use this app, because it looks less attractive and also very simple. But for old players, this app is very helpful and also very easy to do how to mining bitcoin.

Bitcoin Sport Market

Bitcoin Sport Market, we also need to know the price movement of bitcoin in the bitcoin market. Through this application, we can see the price movement of bitcoin through a balance that exist in the bitcoin market. In addition, this app is also very easy for us as beginners to make buying and selling bitcoin on Bitcoin Sport Market. So, we can get optimum profit in running a business bitcoin.

  1. Apply The Method Of Limit

After knowing how to monitor the movement of the price of bitcoin with the help of some of the above applications, the next step that we need to consider as a beginner in the business of bitcoin is to apply the method of limit. The method limit necessary to limit the value of the bitcoin itself. By using this method, can help us to obtain the value of bitcoin according to our wishes.

By using the method of limit, the request will be approved and the entrance is a demand in accordance with the value we want and are already applied. This also applies not just as a seller, but also as a buyer.We can restrict the bid in accordance with the values that have been applied.

For example, as a buyer we will only get a quote bitcoin in accordance with the purchase price that has been set. Purchase will be approved if the value is in conformity with the values that we apply. And vice versa with the sale. So, as a beginner, the method of limit will help us in doing the how to play bitcoin without capital.

  1. Sell and Buy When the Market is Stable

As a beginner in playing bitcoin, not just how to buy bitcoin and sell it out, we know. However, knowing the conditions of the bitcoin market is also very important. The bitcoin market is very volatile with a tendency to up and down very quickly. It is of course affect the price and value of bitcoin itself.

One powerful way is by doing buy and sell bitcoin when the market is stable. If prices are high or rising, we can immediately sell him, so even when prices are down, we can hold it first. Although it sounds trivial, doing this should require precision and accuracy.

  1. Learn Data Movement Of Bitcoin

Tips and trick last in the how to play bitcoin for beginners is to learn the data of the movement of bitcoin. This will complement every step that we have understood and we did earlier. There are two types of ways to study the movement data of bitcoin, the first with fundamental analysis and technical analysis. The second way the analysis can we learn slowly and slowly.

It is intended that we can get advantages to play bitcoin, though still as a beginner. And also of course to avoid any possibility of bad for running a business bitcoin. In any business whatever, the key contained in the consistency and high desire for success.

It is also true in running a business bitcoin. Good explanation on how to use the bitcoin that has been reviewed in this article can help every beginners who are enthusiastic to play bitcoin businesses. Hopefully we can get the desired results in accordance with expectations and our needs.

Well, in addition to an explanation of bitcoin, you can also find a wide variety of explanations for the insurance and financial tips on the Blog Qoala.

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