3 Tips to Maintain Financial Health in a Pandemic
3 Tips to Maintain Financial Health in a Pandemic

3 Tips to Maintain Financial Health in a Pandemic

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The pandemic has not ended and economic conditions are still not running steadily. This is certainly a special concern for many people, especially for those who are already financially literate. You may have your own concerns about economic conditions that are still uncertain to this day. Many new needs must be met during pandemic times, while income is particularly vulnerable to being reduced or even lost overall.

Avoid problems in finance in the right way from the beginning. You need to make adjustments that allow you to tighten spending in your finances. Although it does not experience a big financial impact at this time, but you certainly need to secure finances for the future. This is important, especially if you already have your own dependents. Do not let this prolonged pandemic make various financial plans fall apart.

Tips to Maintain Financial Health

The following are some easy steps you can take to maintain financial health during a pandemic:

1. Reduce consumptive spending

Managing expenses is one of the most important steps that must be done in finance. Whatever your income per month, it is very important to re-organize the monthly expenses. Minimizing expenses will provide an opportunity to save more money that can be used for various other purposes in finance. Try to look back at what expenses can be trimmed, for example: buying new clothes, plans to replace a new car, vacation costs, and others.

Cut all expenses that are not important and only consumptive like this. If you have to make a purchase, make sure you consider and take it into account carefully first. In addition to delaying or canceling the above purchase plans, you can also do to look back at what expenses can be trimmed, for example: the purchase of new clothes, plans to replace a new car, vacation costs, and others.

2. Allocate more money into savings

If you do the above points correctly, then you will be easy to do this one point. Better spending management will certainly make you have the opportunity to save money. You can allocate more money into the savings post every month. This will make it possible to strengthen finances, although the pandemic is still on going.

Based on Data from Bank Indonesia (BI), during the pandemic most people did allocate more of their income into savings. This is considered a positive change and is evidence of public awareness of the increasingly unstable economic conditions. This increase in savings is certainly caused by the decrease in spending made by the community during the pandemic.

3. Make investments in finance

Although the pandemic is still running, do not forget your various financial goals in the future. You need to invest in finance, because this will also make your finances better and stronger. In this unpredictable pandemic, you can make savings and deposits as an investment option. Both of these instruments are fairly safe, when compared to the others. You can choose savings and deposits guaranteed by the government, so the risk in the investments you do later is minimal. Although the interest is not too large, but this will be the right choice for investors who like to play it safe.

In addition, you can also access these two investment instruments more easily, even online only. But if you are an aggressive investor, then investing in a stock portfolio is the right decision. This instrument can give you a large profit potential, both from dividend yields and from the difference in the selling price in the future. This level of profit will certainly be proportional to the risk you have to bear in this investment.

Whatever your investment options, make sure you know and know them. You can learn it first, so you can manage it properly and optimally. This will certainly allow you to get greater profit potential.


During this pandemic, various changes and problems are very likely to occur in finance. You have to respond to all of this in an appropriate way, so that finances stay healthy and run smoothly.

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